The Difference Between At Home and Professional Whitening

Do you have dull, yellow teeth? It’s time to make it a thing of the past! In today’s society, there are many ways to whiten teeth, both in home and in a professional dental office executed by your dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA. Below are a few key differences between in-home vs in-office teeth whitening. […]

Looking For Alternatives To Braces? Consider Invisalign!

Although metal braces work well for straightening teeth and improving bite misalignments, they may not be well-suited for every case. In fact, many dental patients who want to improve their smiles explore a different technology: Invisalign®. Not only does Invisalign work reliably, but it has become the orthodontic treatment of choice for many people in […]

Invisalign®: The Most Discreet Way to Straighten Teeth

Your smile is a direct source of confidence, a memorable part of who you are, and how you demonstrate your feelings. Don’t let embarrassment from crooked teeth keep you from living openly and confidently in your smile! If you want to straighten your teeth, but don’t want cumbersome metal braces, our office has a solution. […]

Fall in Love with Your Smile Again with Teeth Whitening!

Are you tired of discolored teeth and feeling embarrassed to smile? If you’ve tried over-the-counter products or at-home remedies with no luck, it’s time to visit a cosmetic dentist in Northridge, CA! Professional teeth whitening may be just what you need to restore confidence in your smile. In many cases, your smile can be brightened […]

Unhappy With Your Smile? A Smile Makeover Is For You!

Do you happen to have tooth misalignment or spaces in between your teeth? Get a brand new look and makeover starting with your smile! A smile makeover is a work of art. Due to this reason, skilled artists are necessary to make your perfect smile a reality. Dr. Dan Shaer and the talented team at […]

How Stain Resistant are Porcelain Veneers?

There are many ways to obtain a beautiful smile through cosmetic dental procedures in Beverly Hills, CA. They can include getting veneers – dental tooth coverings – over your existing teeth. What Are Veneers?Dental veneers may be used to correct teeth discoloration, chipped teeth, tooth gaps, or crooked teeth. Dental veneers can be made from […]

How to Fix Your Damaged Teeth

A beautiful smile is an attractive feature and one of our main sources of confidence. But if you have a damaged or missing tooth, it’s much easier to feel embarrassed instead. You have several options for repairing your teeth, depending on your oral condition and smile goals. Our dentist in Northridge, CA can help you […]

Teeth Whitening: Get Teeth as White as Snow

Have you ever gotten the family together for a group photo around the holidays? It can be tons of fun to look over all the images. It can also be embarrassing to realize that your smile is discolored or yellow. Of course, the good news is that your dentist in Beverly Hills, CA may be […]

Give Yourself the Gift of a Brighter Smile This Holiday Season

Many people treat themselves to a little something during the holidays. If the present you want more than anything else is a whiter smile, talk to a local dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA about the variety of cosmetic procedures available to brighten your teeth. Some of the four services listed below are so fast that […]

Get Your Teeth Ready for Holiday Photos

Does looking at photos from holidays past make you feel a little Grinchy? The problem could be an unsatisfactory smile. Many patients would love to give themselves the gift of straighter, whiter, and more naturally beautiful teeth as an end-of-year present. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry services in Northridge, CA can be the solution. In fact, […]

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