My Dentures Are Loose! What Can I Do About it?

Plenty of people without teeth in one or both arches rely on dentures to restore the function and aesthetics of their smiles. Yet loose dentures continue to be a huge concern among many patients in California. Not only can loose dentures cause discomfort, but they can lead to reduced confidence, too. However, you’ll never have […]

Unhappy With Your Smile? A Smile Makeover Is For You!

Do you happen to have tooth misalignment or spaces in between your teeth? Get a brand new look and makeover starting with your smile! A smile makeover is a work of art. Due to this reason, skilled artists are necessary to make your perfect smile a reality. Dr. Dan Shaer and the talented team at […]

How to Fix Your Damaged Teeth

A beautiful smile is an attractive feature and one of our main sources of confidence. But if you have a damaged or missing tooth, it’s much easier to feel embarrassed instead. You have several options for repairing your teeth, depending on your oral condition and smile goals. Our dentist in Northridge, CA can help you […]

How Your Dentist Can Fix Your Loose Dentures

There’s nothing worse than trying to live a functional life if you have loose, ill-fitting dentures. The worst part is that they weren’t always as unreliable and uncomfortable as they are now. This is an unfortunate reality many denture-wearers face on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are multiple ways your dentist can fix your loose […]

Smile Again: Why You Should Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some people have never felt fully confident in their smile, while others have become less content with their smiles as the years roll on and their teeth fall out. No matter how you got to the point of being self-conscious about your smile, modern dentistry offers a way to get a smile you’ll feel proud […]