Our Team Of Dentists Can Help

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, such as severe tooth pain, a broken restoration, or a knocked-out tooth, contact our team now! We provide emergency dentistry in Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks, CA—three convenient practice locations with teams of skilled dentists and dental professionals ready to help.

Experienced In Emergency Dentistry

Our emergency dentists and staff are trained and experienced in dental emergency care and offer same-day services whenever possible. Rest assured, our compassionate team will do all we can to make you comfortable and free from pain. We are certified in IV sedation and offer other types of sedation in case you need more complex restorative treatment. We also do our best to save your natural tooth whenever possible! Please contact our office if you are experiencing any of the following issues or symptoms and need emergency dentistry care:

Comprehensive Treatments To Restore Your Smile

Experiencing a dental emergency is never ideal, but our team at Smile Boutique Group can help you restore your smile with comprehensive reconstructive and cosmetic treatment. We don’t want you to live with tooth pain, a broken restoration, or any other discomfort. Our dentists are skilled in procedures ranging from same-day dental crowns and bridges to full mouth dental implants. Even if you do lose a tooth or need one extracted, we’re experienced in dental implants and place and restore them in-house. Dental implants are the permanent and ideal solution for replacing a tooth and restore necessary dental function and natural tooth aesthetics. Following our innovative protocols, we can often bring back function and beauty to your smile in just a few appointments—and sometimes in a few hours! We also understand that your emergency dentistry situation is unique, so our team will personalize treatment to what your teeth and smile need to be healthy and attractive once again.

Dental Emergency?

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