How to Pay for Expensive Dental Treatments

Have you been wanting to improve your smile, but are not sure you’ll be able to afford more expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments? You’re not alone, but you have options that can help make these procedures more affordable. Most dentists offer multiple payment options for their patients, including dental financing, membership plans, discounts, or promotions. You can also receive affordable dental care by choosing to pay with one or more of the following options:

Flexible Spending Account
A flexible spending account is a type of savings account that you contribute to with a portion of regular earnings. These accounts can be used to pay for qualifying medical and dental expenses. Many people choose these accounts because the money is deducted before taxes, lowering taxable income.

Third-Party Financing
Third-party dental financing like Proceed Finance and GreenSky® are also beneficial options for paying for expensive dental treatments. These financing companies provide a range of financing options and loan sizes, with competitive interest rates for a select number of months.

Dental Insurance
Some dentists may also accept dental insurance and a select number of insurance companies may pay for treatments like dental implants, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns and bridges. You’ll have to contact your dental insurance company specifically to learn if your plan covers the treatments you need.

Healthcare Credit Card
You can also choose a dental credit card like CareCredit to pay for your treatments. Unlike a traditional credit card, CareCredit has special financing options and competitive interest rates. With personalized term financing and low monthly payment options, this option is beneficial when paying for cosmetic treatments.

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You can afford the dental care you want to feel confident and attractive in your smile. By using one or more of these options, you will be able to finance whatever treatments you need. Contact our team to schedule your appointment and learn about our financing and payment options. Offices in Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks.

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