How Your Dentist Can Fix Your Loose Dentures

There’s nothing worse than trying to live a functional life if you have loose, ill-fitting dentures. The worst part is that they weren’t always as unreliable and uncomfortable as they are now. This is an unfortunate reality many denture-wearers face on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are multiple ways your dentist can fix your loose dentures, providing you with varying levels of support and durability


Why do dentures become loose?

To know how to fix loose dentures, it’s important to know why they become loose in the first place. It begins with missing teeth. When teeth are lost, they no longer provide the stimulation the jawbone needs to remain strong and dense. Over time, this lack of stimulation and the added pressure of the denture along the gum ridge cause the bone to become thin and weak. Eventually, a denture made for the original shape of your mouth will actually be too big, slipping when you eat and talk or causing painful sores to develop on your gums.

How to fix loose dentures

  1. New denture adhesive. If your current denture pastes or adhesives aren’t doing the trick, the first step to fixing your loose dentures may be to upgrade to a new product. Your dentist can recommend different brands of adhesives that you can test until you find a more secure option.
  2. Denture relining. If new denture adhesives don’t provide the stability you need, a denture reline is your next option. You can choose a “soft reline”, your dentist will complete this process chairside using liquid materials that he or she will layer inside your denture. This creates a new cushion for your gums that can add security back to your denture.
  3. Dental implants. When all other options fail—or if you want to skip the temporary fixes—dental implants can provide long-lasting security to your dentures. Sometimes, only two dental implants are needed to support your denture. This option generally eliminates the need for denture pastes or adhesives, while providing greater levels of stability. Most patients rarely experience denture slips when it’s secured to two or more dental implants.


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