I Need To See A Dentist ASAP!

Having a dental emergency can be a scary experience, especially if you are not currently a dental patient. However, you cannot afford to ignore problems like a knocked out tooth or sudden, sharp pain around a filling. Instead, you need to call a healthcare provider that offers emergency dentistry in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding area. 


How Do I Know If My Dental Need Is Urgent?

Many people put off calling a dentist, even when they feel like something is wrong with their teeth or gums. Yet you should never ignore an unusual symptom. Still, some problems may be more urgent than others.

If you are not sure if your dental concern is a true emergency, answer these questions:

  • Are you experiencing intense discomfort in your mouth around a tooth or along your gums? Did this start without warning?
  • Did one of your teeth fall out or get knocked loose?
  • Has a filling or dental crown come off your tooth or dental implant, leaving you in pain or experiencing intense sensitivity issues?
  • Are you seeing what appears to be pus coming from a potential abscess? Or did a lump or bump appear along your gum line?
  • Have you begun to bleed from between your teeth, and are unable to stop the bleeding?
  • Did you injure your jaw or think you might have suffered a jawbone or tooth fracture?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions means that you may benefit from visiting an emergency dentist. Of course, if your emergency is life-threatening, as in the case of severe head and facial trauma, please visit your nearest hospital or medical center emergency room for immediate treatment. After getting any life-threatening issues under control, you then can contact a dentist.


Are Emergency Dentists in Southern CA Available Now?

A key benefit of working with an emergency dentist like Dr. Dan Shaer in Beverly Hills, CA is that you can be seen right away. Many times, you can get a same-day appointment, which is comforting to know when you have a troubling situation. Dr. Shaer and all our dentist team members are experienced professionals ready to provide you with an individualized, compassionate experience.

For emergency dental appointment requests, please call the Smile Boutique office in Beverly Hills, CA at 424-408-8870, Thousand Oaks, CA at 805-500-2412, and Northridge, CA at 818-408-4710.

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