Looking For Alternatives To Braces? Consider Invisalign!

Although metal braces work well for straightening teeth and improving bite misalignments, they may not be well-suited for every case. In fact, many dental patients who want to improve their smiles explore a different technology: Invisalign®. Not only does Invisalign work reliably, but it has become the orthodontic treatment of choice for many people in Beverly Hills and the rest of southern California. 


What Makes Invisalign Different—And Practical? 

When Invisalign first came out in the late 1990s, plenty of patients and dentists were curious. Could anything improve upon the use of braces that relied on the force of brackets and wires? The answer turned out to be yes! Now, more than 20 years later, Invisalign technology has revolutionized orthodontics and become mainstream.

How does Invisalign work if the straightening system requires no wires? Invisalign leverages the use of clear plastic aligners. Each aligner is custom-molded to fit a patient’s unique mouth and tooth structure. The aligners cover the teeth and gently but steadily move the teeth to preferred positions over time. Patients switch from their current to new aligners about every two weeks, gradually changing their smiles—all without notifying the world they are under the care of a dental provider.

In fact, the practically invisible quality of Invisalign is what makes this system so attractive to people of all ages. Adults especially appreciate being able to finally get their teeth straighter without requiring traditional braces. They also like the fact that affordable Invisalign aligners can be removed to make eating, flossing, and brushing easier and more convenient. Of course, teens like Invisalign’s discreteness, too.


Is Everyone a Candidate for Invisalign in Beverly Hills?

Because every patient has a one-of-a-kind smile, some orthodontic treatments may be more suitable than others. For that reason, patients should always talk with a trusted dental healthcare provider to see whether Invisalign is the best choice for their situation and case history. An initial examination can show if a patient is a good candidate for Invisalign in Beverly Hills or any of the surrounding communities.


Make Your Consultation Appointment for Invisalign Treatment

If you are interested in talking with Dr. Dan Shaer or another provider from Smile Boutique about Invisalign, please call us at (424) 401-8870 in our Beverly Hills, CA office. Dr. Shaer has spent his career focused on exploring both the science and art of dentistry. His commitment to helping patients improve the function, health, and appearance of their smiles, as well as teaching other colleagues new techniques, has earned him an excellent reputation in his field. Our team also maintains dental offices in Thousand Oaks, CA and Northridge, CA.

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