Repair Your Smile With Life-Like Restorations

Have you lost or broken a tooth due to decay, injury, or an accident? We can help with personalized restorative treatment, including a dental implant or dental crown! It’s important to get your tooth replaced or repaired to ensure you don’t get an infection or risk the health of other teeth. Without treatment, a broken tooth isn’t strong enough to function properly and, though you may not feel any discomfort now, will eventually cause severe or prolonged pain. This weakened tooth can also be more susceptible to decay and infection, or even gum disease, which can affect your systemic health. A missing tooth causes bone resorption at the site and can lead to a shift in your bite, infection, or damage to other teeth. Over time, the function and health of your smile and your self-confidence can decline. If you need to repair a missing or broken tooth in Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks, CA, we encourage you not to wait! Timely treatment from our experienced dentists can restore your smile back to full health, function, and beauty!


Your Options For Repairing A Broken Tooth

Depending on how severe your tooth crack or fracture is, we may need to “cap” it with a dental crown to restore its natural strength and size. Using advanced CEREC technology, our dentists can design, mill, and cement a custom and high-quality dental crown in a single appointment. With this technology at all three of our convenient practice locations, we may be able to treat your tooth the same day you contact us! If the crack has extended down to the tooth root, our endodontist may recommend a root canal. This procedure can save your natural tooth from needing an extraction and bring back needed function and strength. In the unfortunate instance where you have a broken tooth that is too damaged to repair, we can replace it permanently with a dental implant.

Permanently Replace A Missing Or Extracted Tooth

If you’re suffering from a missing or irreparably broken tooth, you can choose to replace it with a dental implant. The only permanent tooth replacement option, a dental implant replaces both the root and visible portion of a natural tooth to bring back comparable function and health. A dental implant is designed to last many years and with the proper care, can even last the rest of your life! Best of all, a dental implant will replace the pain and discomfort you may be currently feeling due to a missing or broken tooth. A dental implant is comfortable and can restore confidence by giving you a complete and functional smile again.

Don’t Keep Putting Off Repairing Your Tooth!

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