My Dentures Are Loose! What Can I Do About it?

Plenty of people without teeth in one or both arches rely on dentures to restore the function and aesthetics of their smiles. Yet loose dentures continue to be a huge concern among many patients in California. Not only can loose dentures cause discomfort, but they can lead to reduced confidence, too. However, you’ll never have to live with loose dentures again! Work with a dentist who places dental implants in southern California to correct your problem! 


Why Dentures Become Loose

When you first received your dentures and became accustomed to them, you probably felt like they had a good fit. Over time, though, the shape of your jawbone naturally changes due to bone re-absorption. Why? Without teeth to stimulate bone growth, your bone begins to lose strength and density. This leads to poorly fitting dentures that may click or even fall out, despite your best efforts to keep them in place.

Another reason for loose dentures may be dentures that were too big or small to begin with. Even if you got used to your dentures, they might not have been the best choice for you in the long run.

No matter why your dentures have become loose, you can stop all the associated stress, discomfort and worry by talking with a specialist about receiving dental implants.

How Dental Implants Work With Dentures

Dental implants are placed surgically in the bone below the gum line. Whether made from titanium or a non-metal material, they fuse with the surrounding bone after about four or six months. Once fused in place, they provide anchors for a new restoration, such as an updated denture. In fact, implant-supported dentures have become a huge advantage to patients like you struggling with loose dentures. When your custom-made dentures are held in place by dental implants, you no longer have to be concerned that they will slide around or lose their grip.

In addition to implant-supported dentures, you could take the next step and ask your dentist about a permanent dental implant restoration. Permanent, full mouth dental implants replace your missing teeth completely. You never take them out, and you can eat, speak and smile without any fear of them looking or feeling awkward or unnatural.


Get a Consultation for Dental Implants in Beverly Hills, CA

Make loose dentures a thing of the past and return to your normal activities, as well as the foods you love! Learn more about replacing your loose dentures with dental implants in our Beverly Hills, CA office. Call Smile Boutique at (424) 408-8870 to set up a consultation. Our team also maintains dental offices in Thousand Oaks, CA and Northridge, CA.

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