Choose A Permanent Dental Implant

If you’ve lost a tooth due to decay or injury, you no longer have to choose between a dental bridge or partial denture. We offer dental implants to restore missing teeth permanently and naturally. This long-lasting solution eliminates the commonly experienced problems with bridges and partials, including damage to existing adjacent teeth, bone loss, instability, and risk for decay or infection. A dental implant reproduces a natural tooth’s structure and function and can even last for decades.While a bridge or partial simply replace the visible part of a tooth, or the crown, a dental implant takes the place of both the tooth root and the crown.

Without damaging adjacent teeth, a dental implant will restore tooth function and beauty and is the only solution that stimulates the jawbone to maintain healthy bone density. Our skilled dentists at Smile Boutique Group make this transformation possible in just one day thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. If you’re missing a tooth, we encourage you to contact one of our three offices and schedule a consultation for dental implants in Beverly Hills, Northridge, or Thousand Oaks, CA.

Qualifying For Dental Implants

If you’re missing a tooth, most likely you qualify for a dental implant! We always evaluate your oral health condition, including taking 3D images of your mouth using cone beam CT technology. This gives us a high detail look at the health and volume of your jawbone. This diagnostic phase will also help us determine if you’ll need such procedures as a tooth extraction if your tooth can’t be saved or bone grafting before you can receive a dental implant. At all our three convenient practice locations, we offer these procedures in addition to placing and restoring your dental implants. We’ll be able to provide all this information on dental implants in your consultation, including what you can expect with treatment from us.

What To Expect At Smile Boutique Group

Phase 1: Personalized Consultation

Your personalized consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation, discussion of your health and smile goals, digital photography, and x-rays and CBCT scans. Using digital smile design technology made by Zirkonzahn® we’ll even be able to show you photos of how you’ll look with a new dental implant to replace your missing tooth. If you’re nervous about undergoing surgery, we’ll discuss our sedation options, including IV sedation. Next, we’ll use these diagnostics to design your new tooth and create a surgical guide for your surgery.

Phase 2: Dental Implant Procedure

On the day of your surgery, our primary goal is to ensure your comfort. While we offer many sedation options, none will let you “sleep” through your surgery as IV sedation does. Most patients choose this option so they can experience an anxiety and pain-free procedure. Then, using the surgical guide pre-planned and pre-made before you arrive, we’ll precision place your dental implant into your jaw for maximum stability. In most cases, we’re even able to attach a temporary dental crown so you can leave our office with a functional and complete smile!

Phase 3: Healing And Restoration

Although functional, your new smile will gain stability over a few months’ time as it heals. During this time, your jawbone and dental implant will fuse together, with the implant post becoming just as strong as a healthy tooth root. You’ll return to our office after healing is complete to have your final restoration attached. We’ll first verify if the fit and color match perfectly and you’re happy with the result, then attach the crown permanently to your dental implant! With proper care, your new tooth will last you many years, we guarantee it!

Understanding Dental Implant Cost

You may be surprised to find that dental implants are actually very affordable when viewed in light of their long-term health and functional advantages. The cost of a single dental implant starts at $1,800 and includes many services within the fee, including a free consultation ($150 value), CBCT scan and x-rays, implant materials, sedation options, 5-year clinical guarantee, and post-op visits for one year. We will help you maximize any dental insurance benefits you may have and will help you determine which third-party financing option is best for you. We partner with CareCredit® and Proceed Finance, which both provide low monthly payment options that fit your budget. You can afford your dental implant treatment, and we can help. Contact our knowledgeable team today!

Embarrassed By Your Missing Tooth?

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