Smile Again: Why You Should Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some people have never felt fully confident in their smile, while others have become less content with their smiles as the years roll on and their teeth fall out. No matter how you got to the point of being self-conscious about your smile, modern dentistry offers a way to get a smile you’ll feel proud to show out. Not only can full mouth reconstruction give you a brand-new smile, it can help you fully enjoy food again and help you maintain a healthy mouth. Here’s why you should consider full mouth reconstruction if you’re feeling your smile is hopeless.

What’s Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Ultimately, the goal of full mouth restoration is to completely restore an “arch” or row of teeth. This primarily entails replacing missing teeth with the next best option to natural teeth: dental implants.

Take a look at the primary parts of dental implants to get a better idea of how they’re used to rebuild arches of teeth:

Titanium screw – with design inspiration based on the roots of natural teeth, this component is embedded in the jawbone where, over time, the titanium fuses with the bone.

Abutment – this part sits atop the titanium screw, above the gum line, and serves as a connector for the titanium screw and dental restoration

Restoration – these are your replacement teeth. For single dental implants, a dental crown would serve as the restoration. For full arches, dentures or a series of bridges would serve as the restorations.

Beyond dental implants, your dentist may need to perform some support procedures in order to complete your full mouth reconstruction.

Here’s a look at three procedures that are commonly used to support full mouth reconstruction:

Teeth extraction – failing teeth may need to be removed to make way for dental implants

Bone graft – if the jawbones aren’t stable enough to support dental implants, new bone can be generated through a graft

Sinus lift – the sinuses may sag in the mouth and crowd space needed for implants. A sinus lift can tuck the sinuses back.

More on Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills, CA

Take a minute to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for full arch reconstruction in Beverly Hills, CA.

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