A Smile Designed For You

A smile makeover is a work of art. Within every detail lie the craftsmanship and skill of our cosmetic dentists. Using expertise, digital technology, and state-of-the-art materials, we hand-craft each restoration to reflect the uniqueness of your smile, facial features, and personality. The result? A picture-perfect smile designed just for you.

Customization Is In The Details

No two smiles are alike, and neither are our smile makeover treatments. Custom treatments may straighten crooked teeth, fix a gummy smile, whiten teeth, close gaps or widen a smile, alter the size and shape of teeth, replace missing teeth, or any combination of these procedures. Because a smile makeover affects the multiple teeth that show when you smile, a high level of customization is necessary to ensure the most aesthetic and longest-lasting results. This customization is in the details: how each restoration is designed, shaped, and shaded to look completely life-like and natural when you smile. With this level of skill, we’ve been able to transform the smiles of patients who had been previously told their case was impossible to fix. And in many cases, our smile makeover treatments can be completed in just two days! Your custom smile makeover in Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks, CA may include:

Our Patients Say It Best...

Our Smile Makeover Process

Phase 1: Smile Design

The first phase of your treatment involves a thorough evaluation of your smile and documenting your case with digital photography. We use such technologies as cone beam CT scanning to assess your teeth, jaw, and bone and Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter to digitally design your new smile and show you exactly what it will look like before any treatments are completed.

Phase 2: Smile Makeover

We’ll take impressions of your teeth and send this information to our in-house lab. Our technicians will create custom wax mock-ups of your new teeth. You’ll be able to “test drive” your new smile in real life so we can ensure it’s perfectly tailored to your vision. Next, we’ll attach temporaries that will look and feel natural as your new restorations are made.

Phase 3: Smile Reveal

You’ll return to our office to have your permanent new restorations attached to your teeth. Remember, these new teeth are yours, so we won’t ever cement them permanently to your teeth until you’re completely satisfied. Once we’re all happy with how they look, then we’ll bond them to your teeth, revealing your gorgeous new smile! Enjoy your beautiful and healthy teeth for years to come!

Makeover Your Smile Today!

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