Successful Treatment With Accelerated Healing

If you’re faced with the possibility of needing tooth extractions or other surgical procedures, there’s no need to feel anxious or fearful. Our team has decades of combined experiences in treatments that relieve wisdom tooth pain, remove a decayed or broken tooth, or replace lost bone so you can receive a dental implant. Using innovative techniques, including advanced healing, we can improve the recovery process, too. Bone morphogenetic protein and plasma rich growth factors are two techniques we use to accelerate your body’s healing process and regenerate new hard and soft tissue growth. We’re also licensed to administer IV sedation, which means you can virtually “sleep” through your surgery and wake with little memory of your appointment! No matter what your symptoms or what treatment you’ll need, our team does all we can to ensure a comfortable, pain-free, and successful surgery. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our three practice locations if you’re experiencing tooth pain.

Our Surgical Procedures

General Tooth Extractions

Teeth that are too badly damaged or decayed may need extraction. One of the most common procedures at our office, tooth extractions are quick and pain-free with help from our sedation services. You can expect to recover from a tooth extraction in as few as 1-3 days.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extractions are often necessary for patients between the ages of 17-25. We make these procedures as comfortable as possible, with the choice to “sleep” through your appointment with IV sedation.

Ridge Augmentation

Tooth loss or extraction along an arch leaves the bone weak and thin. Ridge augmentation rebuilds the natural contours and density of the bone so proper oral function can resume and dental implants can be placed. Ridge preservation also includes placing bone grafting material in the socket after extraction to slow the bone resorption process.

Sinus Lift

Tooth loss that occurs under the sinuses leaves the bone too short and weak to support a dental implant. A sinus lift elevates the sinus cavity so bone grafting material can be placed beneath to restore proper bone height and volume.

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