The Difference Between At Home and Professional Whitening

Do you have dull, yellow teeth? It’s time to make it a thing of the past! In today’s society, there are many ways to whiten teeth, both in home and in a professional dental office executed by your dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA. Below are a few key differences between in-home vs in-office teeth whitening.


What’s the Difference?

At-home whitening procedures are often less expensive than in-office options. There are do-it-yourself options that can only be obtained from a dentist and require a dental impression to make custom-fitted trays that contour to your teeth. The trays may take up to two weeks to be produced, and while results can be good, these options may not always be covered by dental insurance.

Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products obtained at various stores, such as whitening strips, are the mildest whiteners with the lowest concentration of peroxide. Professional whitening agents, including take-home whitening trays and Zoom whitening, are much stronger. OTC options may be a good, cost-effective alternative to in-office treatment, however, they may not always offer the best results and may take weeks to see any change due to their weaker whitening abilities compared to in-office procedures.

In-office whitening

Professional teeth whitening can offer long-lasting results in an expertly executed environment. Your dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA, can evaluate your teeth and determine the best treatment option for you to achieve your best, whitest smile, using various products such as ZOOM, that are safe and effective.

About the Office

Receiving the best whitening solutions for your teeth so that they remain stunningly white teeth with staying power depends on your choice of dental professional. Dr Dan Shaer and the talented team at the Smile Boutique Group in Thousand Oaks, CA offer whitening solutions that can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in cost-effective ways. One such procedure, ZOOM!, takes about one hour to complete. During the process, the team will

  • Prep your teeth for the procedure by painting a protective gel on your gum tissue.
  • Then, a layer of professional teeth whitening solution is applied on your teeth and are activated with a laser.

The team offers four 15-minute sessions to achieve your whitest smile, and you are also provided with take-home whitening trays to be worn overnight or for just a few hours daily. With this whitening option, you can experience:

  • Noticeable results in one hour
  • Remove extrinsic and intrinsic stains
  • Minimal tooth and gum sensitivity
  • Personalized with long-lasting results
  • Monitored experience by a professional dentistry team
  • Convenient in-office or take-home options

There is no denying the influence a new whiter smile can have on you and your overall look. With convenient in-office and at-home options, including ZOOM!, you can get a beautiful white smile in a faster, long-lasting manner!

Get A Whiter Smile Today!

If you find that you are experiencing gum recession, then it would be very important for you to reach out to our office in Thousand Oaks, CA to have a full examination conducted. Doing so will allow our doctors, Dr. Dan ShaerDr. Shawn NguyenDr. Alice Reina Fukui  and Dr. Paulina Labuz, to examine you and determine if you are suffering from gum recession as well as provide you with the needed treatment.

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