Understanding Why Some Dental Implants Fail

Dental implants have decades of proven reliability and consistently maintain a 95% or more success rate when placed by an experienced implant dentist. However, some dental implants can fail for various reasons. It’s important to understand why some dental implants fail so you can do your best to avoid this being the case with your treatment!


Early Failure

Dental implants can fail early on due to factors outside of a doctor’s control or because the doctor lacks experience in dental implant surgery. In many cases, early dental implant failure occurs because the implant suffered accidental movement while integrating with the jawbone, the implant was contaminated, or there wasn’t sufficient bone quality to properly support the dental implant. To help mitigate the risk of early implant failure, you should choose an implant dentist with years of experience who also uses surgical technologies and high-quality materials. Computer-guided surgery also ensures that dental implants are placed in areas of the bone that are strong enough to provide long-term support. Additionally, completing treatment only after ensuring your mouth is healthy and free from disease can reduce the risk of early implant failure.

Late Failure

Late implant failure is less common than early failure, but there is always a risk for this occurring even years after a dental implant has been placed. Late failure can be the result of poor oral hygiene or neglect of professional dental care, teeth grinding and clenching, lifestyle habits like smoking, and trauma to the implant. One of the biggest causes of late implant failure is peri-implantitis, a condition like gum disease where plaque and tartar deposits around the dental implant post release bacteria that infect and destroy the supportive tissue and bone. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and hygiene care, and completing all dental appointments can significantly reduce the chances of late implant failure.


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