Unhappy With Your Smile? A Smile Makeover Is For You!

Do you happen to have tooth misalignment or spaces in between your teeth? Get a brand new look and makeover starting with your smile! A smile makeover is a work of art. Due to this reason, skilled artists are necessary to make your perfect smile a reality. Dr. Dan Shaer and the talented team at Smile Boutique in Northridge, CA can assist you in getting your best smile.


Advanced Technologies

A smile makeover is a work of art. Dr. Shaer and his team understand this, and this is why they offer immense expertise, digital technology, and state-of-the-art materials, hand—crafting each smile restoration to reflect your unique facial features and personality. Some of our Advanced Technologies include:

  • Cone beam CT scanning: Used to evaluate your teeth, jaw and bone.
  • Zirkonzahn Face Hunter: Digitally designs your smile to give you a sneak peek at your new look before any treatments begin.
  • In-house lab impressions: Used to create a custom wax mold for the basis of your new teeth.
  • Temporaries: Teeth that act as place holders before your new custom smile is placed to give you a “test-drive” of your new smile.


About Our Practice

Curated treatments can be used to straighten crooked teeth, fix a gummy smile, whiten teeth, close gaps or widen a smile, alter the size and shape of teeth, replace missing teeth, or any combination of these procedures. Dr. Shaer and the skilled team at Smile Boutique in Northridge, CA understand how important it is to have a high level of skill to customize, design, and create your new smile that is specifically catered to you. They understand that to make sure smile transformations are life-long, high quality materials, technologies, and procedures are necessary. Most importantly, your satisfaction and procedure convenience of your new look are top priority. Dr. Shaer and the artists at Smile Boutique know this, and in many cases, your smile makeover treatments can be completed in just two days!


Considering getting a brand new look?

Contact our doctors, Dr. Dan ShaerDr. Shawn Nguyen and Dr. Alice Reina Fukui  at the Smile Boutique in our office in Northridge, CA today and get a brand-new smile by scheduling a consultation today!

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