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Living with painful, loose dentures can affect more than your ability to eat comfortably. It can lead to a decline in your overall health and confidence, too. If you have been living with the physical and emotional consequences of instable and uncomfortable dentures in Beverly Hills, Northridge, or Thousand Oaks, CA, contact our dentists today. We specialize in implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants and can transition you out of this situation and into one of permanent function, health, and confidence. Our full arch solutions are cosmetically driven, too, so the result of your treatment will provide the greatest functional and aesthetic benefits. Even using just two dental implants to stabilize a denture, the results can be truly life-changing as you’ll be able to eat more foods with ease and never fear your denture will become loose or fall out. Most important, you’ll see an increase in your health and emotional wellbeing—and you’ll have the confidence to smile and socialize once again!
We Can Solve These Denture Problems

How Dental Implants Improve Stability

Dental implants are what give your denture stability so you can eat, talk, and laugh confidently. Like natural tooth roots, dental implants provide a strong foundation for teeth. In the case of a denture, dental implants give the stability you need to chew solid foods comfortably or complete other daily activities with teeth that fit in your mouth and stay in place. You don’t just have implant supported dentures as an option, though. We also specialize in full mouth dental implants, the long-lasting and life-changing solution for missing teeth. Instead of a denture, you’ll have a life-like, strong bridge of teeth personalized to fit your mouth and permanently attached to four or more dental implants. Think of full mouth dental implants as a full set of natural, healthy teeth that function flawlessly and look and feel like the real thing! It’s time to stop living with the pain and discouragement of loose dentures. Our team has the solutions you need to restore function and health to your smile.

You Have A Better Option Than Dentures.

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