“Sleep” Through Procedures With IV Sedation

If you are highly anxious or fearful about undergoing a dental surgery or procedure, you’ll benefit from IV sedation. Unlike other options, IV sedation is the only one that lets you “sleep” comfortably through your appointment. Because IV sedation is adjusted to meet your needs, it’s the most effective and reliable solution and a good choice for more complex treatments such as dental implants and wisdom tooth extraction. IV sedation is administered intravenously, so once the sedation is introduced into your bloodstream, you’ll feel the relaxing and comfortable effects until your treatment is complete. And, even if you need multiple procedures completed at once, it’ll only feel as if moments have passed and you’ll wake with little-to-no memory of what happened. At Smile Boutique Group, we’re licensed in this sedation option and conveniently offer IV sedation in Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks, CA at our three practice locations. You don’t have to put off treatment because of your anxiety. With our custom sedation, we’ll help you experience a comfortable surgery that is free from stress and pain!

Why Choose IV Sedation?

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Sedation For Any Treatment

IV sedation is certainly the most ideal option for patients who experience high levels of dental anxiety or fear. However, at our three practices, we not only offer the comfort of a spa-like atmosphere and luxurious amenities, but multiple sedation options as well. In addition to IV sedation for dental surgery, we offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Oral sedation is a pill taken by mouth an hour before your appointment. This sedation relieves feelings of anxiety and fear for a certain amount of time. Nitrous oxide is administered via a device worn comfortably over your nose. This sedation option provides calming and euphoric sensations and has no aftereffects. If you’re unsure which sedation option is best for you, we can help. For any type of treatment or level of anxiety, we have a solution that will help you experience a calm and pain-free appointment with us.

Don’t Fear Dental Surgery Any Longer.

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