Will Dental Implant Placement Be Painful?

For some people, it’s hard to imagine having dental implants embedded in the jawbones without experiencing pure pain. But it turns out, dental implant placement surgery isn’t painful. And if you follow your doctor’s aftercare instruction, the healing period can be pain-free as well. Find out why your dental implant placement procedure won’t be painful and then check out some of the things your doctor will recommend in order to ensure that your healing period is comfortable as well.

Local Anesthesia

The reason you won’t feel any pain from having your dental implants placed is local anesthesia. After a quick shot of a local anesthetic to the mouth, you won’t feel if anything at all. Your sense of touch may not be completely muted. You may feel a bit of pressure from your dentist’s hands and tools while your implants are being placed, but you won’t feel anything that could be described as painful. The numbing effects of the local anesthesia should last you well past the end of your procedure.

Local anesthesia is your best option for getting through implant placement pain-free. While it may seem easier to undergo general anesthesia and just sleep through your procedure, implant placement is relatively quick. Under general anesthesia, you could sleep for hours after the end of your procedure.

Over the Counter Painkillers

It’s normal to have a bit of bleeding, swelling and tenderness right after implant placement surgery. The bleeding should stop in a few hours as the implant sites form blood clots. However, the swelling and tenderness will last for a few days.

Common, over-the-counter painkillers should provide more than enough pain relief to help you get through the days immediately following implant placement without experiencing moderate or severe pain. You’ll have to remember to keep your mouth clean in order to avoid infecting the implant sites, which will be especially vulnerable to infections during the first few days following surgery.

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