How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?Understanding the Lifespan of Dental Restorations

Embarking on a journey to explore the durability of dental crowns invites us into the realm of dental care, where decisions regarding oral health require thoughtful consideration. One pressing question often lingers: How long do dental crowns last? The longevity of dental  crowns, a common inquiry among patients, typically ranges from 5 to 15 years. […]

How to Fix Your Damaged Teeth

A beautiful smile is an attractive feature and one of our main sources of confidence. But if you have a damaged or missing tooth, it’s much easier to feel embarrassed instead. You have several options for repairing your teeth, depending on your oral condition and smile goals. Our dentist in Northridge, CA can help you […]

Give Yourself the Gift of a Brighter Smile This Holiday Season

Many people treat themselves to a little something during the holidays. If the present you want more than anything else is a whiter smile, talk to a local dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA about the variety of cosmetic procedures available to brighten your teeth. Some of the four services listed below are so fast that […]

How CEREC® Has Transformed Dentistry

Traditionally, most dental restorations are made in dental labs, not in the actual dentist’s office. These dental labs can sometimes be in other states and thus means that patients will have to wait weeks to actually get their restoration. And what happens if the restoration doesn’t match in color, size, or fit? Then the whole […]

Can I Get Dental Crowns in One Day?

Have you just broken a tooth? This embarrassing and painful situation is only worsened by the thought of having to visit the dentist multiple times to have it repaired. If you have a chipped tooth or broken tooth, but don’t have the time for lengthy treatment, then choose a cosmetic dentist certified in CEREC same-day […]

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