How CEREC® Has Transformed Dentistry

Traditionally, most dental restorations are made in dental labs, not in the actual dentist’s office. These dental labs can sometimes be in other states and thus means that patients will have to wait weeks to actually get their restoration. And what happens if the restoration doesn’t match in color, size, or fit? Then the whole process has to start over again. This is why finding a dentist who offers CEREC technology is so important. CEREC technology allows your dentist to create your restoration on the spot and at the same time you are in the office. No more waiting around; get your new smile right away!


Benefits of CEREC Technology

  • In-House Milling
    Your dental restoration is made in the dental office with you, not shipped out to another location. This allows your dentist to make precise changes or alterations should the need arise, and ensure your new tooth will fit ideally the same day you come in for the appointment.
  • Same-Day Fabrication
    One of the biggest draws of CEREC is the fact that restorations can be completed in just one day. Rather than patients living with an incomplete smile, CEREC gives them a finalized one in just one appointment. This also means less office visits and more convenience for you.
  • Precision Cut
    CEREC restorations are so precise because it uses digital information that is taken by your dentist during your appointments. These measurements are sent directly to the CEREC machine, so there is virtually no room for error. The result is an exact fit with minimal need for alterations.
  • Versatile Solutions
    CEREC can be used to create a wide range of solutions depending on your needs, wants, and goals. This technology is not just limited to dental crowns or individual teeth. CEREC can be used for those seeking to restore an implant or who need multiple teeth replaced with a bridge or implant supported bridge.


Complete Your Smile Today

Trying to experience the benefits of CEREC technology? Reach out to your local dentists, Dr. Dan Shaer, Dr. Shawn Nguyen, Dr. Alice Reina Fukui and in our office in Beverly Hills, CA to schedule your first appointment with us today!

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