Top Questions People Ask About Porcelain Veneers

Your smile plays a big role in how confident and attractive you feel. Are aesthetic issues with your teeth harming your self-esteem? Chances are you’re a great candidate for cosmetic dentistry treatments like porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills, CA. One of the most common cosmetic solutions, porcelain veneers can restore your self-confidence by hiding the noticeable imperfections of your teeth. Read more about the top questions patients ask their dentists about porcelain veneers:

Who is a good candidate for porcelain veneers? Patients who have good oral health but are dissatisfied by how their teeth look are generally ideal candidates for porcelain veneers. If there are gaps, chips, misalignment, small size, and/or discoloration in the teeth that show when you smile, then porcelain veneers may be right for you!

What are the pros and cons of porcelain veneers? These restorations are personalized to give you the ideal size, shape, and shade of teeth visible when you smile. They’re also stain resistant, providing a beautiful and straight smile. Veneers are meant to last for many years but are not reversible as a portion of tooth enamel must be removed before they can be attached. They may not be suitable for patients who chronically grind and clench their teeth.

What can I expect from the treatment process? The veneers treatment process can often be completed in as few as two appointments. During your first appointment, you and your dentist will discuss your smile goals and treatment plan. Then enamel will be removed from the selected teeth and you’ll have impressions taken and temporary veneers attached. Once the final porcelain veneers are ready (about two weeks later), you’ll exchange the temporaries with your final set of porcelain veneers. With proper care, your new veneers can last for many years!

How much do porcelain veneers cost? The cost of your dental veneers will vary depending on how many you need and how specialized your dentist is. To help pay for your new smile, you have many options, including third-party financing or dental credit cards like CareCredit®. Some dental insurance companies will pay for veneers, so be sure to contact your insurance before undergoing treatment.

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