Considering Teeth Whitening? Leave it to the Pros

Teeth whitening kits seem to be everywhere. From groceries to pharmacies to online retailers, stores all sell different products all promising brighter teeth. Nevertheless, the results of these over-the-counter treatments tend to pale in comparison with what you can get from your dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA. In fact, in-office teeth whitening remains the safest, most reliable way to turn your teeth a few shades whiter without fuss, muss, or worry.


Why Be Concerned About Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products?

It is easy to understand why consumers flock to over-the-counter teeth whitening instead of immediately going to their dentists. Teeth whitening brands make a lot of promises, including that they have been approved for their safeness. However, teeth whitening kits can lead to some nagging, lasting problems.

A big issue for many people who try teeth whitening gels and kits is tooth sensitivity. The sensitivity comes from the ingredients used in the whitening solution. Though tooth sensitivity will usually go away, it can persist for some users who keep trying to tackle stains. Another concern related to store-bought tooth whitening kits is that they may erode your tooth enamel or cause already damaged enamel to break down faster.


What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening Better?

Getting your teeth whiter by working with a dentist always makes more sense from an efficiency, prognosis, and safety standpoint. Whether a dentist uses special equipment to whiten your teeth during a one-time appointment or gives you high-quality whitening gel to apply nightly at home, you can be sure you are being exposed to time-tested products. Plus, your dentist knows your tooth and gum history, meaning you will know realistically which stains can get whiter and which cannot.

This leads to a final reason to trust your dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA for your teeth whitening: You have other options for teeth resistant to bleaching. For instance, you may want to receive a porcelain veneer or customized ceramic tooth crown to cover a permanently darker tooth that will not respond to teeth whitening. By working with your dentist, you have a better chance of getting the bright dream smile you want, rather than being let down by undependable, possible unsafe treatments.


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