Get Your Teeth Ready for Holiday Photos

Does looking at photos from holidays past make you feel a little Grinchy? The problem could be an unsatisfactory smile. Many patients would love to give themselves the gift of straighter, whiter, and more naturally beautiful teeth as an end-of-year present. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry services in Northridge, CA can be the solution. In fact, by this time next year, you could look and feel completely different.


What Types of Cosmetic Options Can Revive an Unsatisfactory Holiday Smile?

Generations ago, dentists only had a couple of ways to help patients rejuvenate their smiles. Today, thanks to advancements in dental technology, they can offer plenty of choices. For instance, patients with yellowed or discolored teeth may be prime candidates for in-office or dental grade professional teeth whitening. On the other hand, adults whose teeth are crooked or gapped may prefer to consider placement of porcelain veneers, tooth crowns, or even fast-working orthodontic devices like clear braces.

But what if your issue is a missing tooth or teeth? The most permanent way to replace lost teeth and complete your smile is with dental implants. After being surgically placed in the jawbone, dental implants will last for 20 years or longer with proper care and routine dental checkups. They mimic the look of natural teeth and can handle the force of biting and chewing normal foods without a problem.

To be sure, dental implants are becoming more and more popular among adults tired of dealing with problems that come with missing teeth like being unable to clearly speak or eat what they want. When you have dental implants, you can more confidently go about your everyday life. And placement is virtually pain-free when you partner with a trained, experienced dentist.


How Can Patients Get Dental Implants?

If dental implants interest you, talk with Dr. Dan ShaerDr. Shawn NguyenDr. Alice Reina Fukui, in our office in Northridge, CA by calling (818) 714-7298 to set up an appointment. An initial examination and consultation will indicate whether or not you are a strong candidate for this treatment. After getting approval for dental implants, you can set up surgery dates and get ready to show off a brand new smile in all your future holiday pictures! What could be a better gift than one that will last a lifetime?

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