The Cosmetic Effects of Laser Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many patients seek a skilled dentist to improve the look of their smile through cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, some of these procedures can seem invasive and require scalpels and sutures. And with these surgical procedures, the cosmetic look patients seek only appear after the healing process is complete, which can be weeks. This is where laser dentistry can offer patients a solution. Not only does laser dentistry perform cosmetic treatments, but the nature of the treatments often means that the final results can be seen quicker than through traditional care.


Cosmetic Procedures Done with Laser Dentistry


Laser Dentistry is the Gentle, Quick Cosmetic Solution

Laser dentistry is able to perform so many cosmetic treatments through the use of gentle laser light instead of scalpels. This laser light can be adjusted to only target specific tissues, so that other parts of your mouth are unaffected, and since there is no physical cutting, there is often much less bleeding, swelling, and no need for sutures. Additionally, since the treatment is so gentle and simple, it can often be performed very quickly. Many patients are able to have their entire procedure completed in just one visit versus having to schedule multiple appointments.

The Cosmetic Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Patients seeking cosmetic dentistry love the way the dental laser leaves their smile. Often, treatments that target the soft tissues like crown lengthening and gingivectomies can be completed without sutures and with minimal swelling. Patients typically just need a few days to heal, but the results are seen virtually immediately! There is significantly less downtime with laser dentistry and it is often an excellent option for those who need to have a procedure completed quickly in time for an event or big day.

Many patients also find a benefit in the fact that often don’t have to live with an unbalanced smile. With traditional surgical procedures, sometimes doctors and patients cannot finish the treatment in one sitting and patients will need to come back at a later date to finish. This means these patients are living with an incomplete smile until their procedure is finished. With laser dentistry, the discomfort is minimal and the speed of treatment is greatly increased so patients can often have their entire procedure done in one appointment.


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